Relate Fieldtype

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Relationship Types

You can relate any of the base Content Types, each of which with its own specific fieldtype. They all extend this core Relate fieldtype.

Display Modes

The Relate field can be displayed in two different modes. Both are functionally the same, just with a different UI.

Tags mode (the first field in the screenshot) is a more traditional tagging syntax. It will refine the selections as you type.

Panes mode (the second field) shows the available values and selections in separate fields.

max_items integer

The maximum number of items that may be selected. Setting this to 1 will change the UI to a dropdown.

sort string

Sort the suggestions by fieldname:order. You can add additional rules separated by pipes. Eg: date:desc|title:asc

label string

How the values should appear. You may use variables within the string, eg. " (2020)"

mode string *tags*

Available UI modes are panes and tags.

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