Tags Fieldtype

tags.png Fieldtype UI
Behold! The Tags Fieldtype!


Press enter, tab, or , to add a tag. Click an × to remove one. That’s all there is to it.

Data Storage

Your tags will get saved as a simple YAML list, like this:

- applesauce
- garbage pants
- socks


Loop through the array items to display each item’s value.

<h1>I've heard rumors of:</h1>
  {{ tags }}
    <li>{{ value }}</li>
  {{ /tags }}
<h1>I've heard rumors of:</h1>
  <li>garbage pants</li>

This fieldtype uses the word “tags” in general terms. If you’re looking for a way to tag/categorize your content on a schema-level, you should read about taxonomies.

Config Options

None. It just does this one thing.

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