Load templates dynamically based on the URL

If you've ever just wanted to start working on the frontend HTML/CSS without messing around with collections and blueprints yet, here's a fun little trick. These two route rules will give you a homepage and then dynamically map your URLs to match the folder structure of your views directory.

The Snippet

All you need to do is drop these route rules in your routes/web.php file. Everything else will work as usual – tags, modifiers, etc, and use the default layout.antlers.html layout.

# routes/web.php

use Statamic\View\View;

Route::statamic('/', 'home');

Route::get('{template}', function ($template) {
    return View::make($template)->layout('layout');
})->where('template', '(?!cp).+');

_Note: This route rule assumes the control panel login is /cp and you’re using the default layout.antlers.html layout file. You can edit accordingly if you’ve customized these things. We trust you can figure out which thing to edit where. We believe in you.


Here’s this route rule in action.

URL Template
/ resources/views/home.antlers.html
/design resources/views/design.antlers.html
/design/stuff resources/views/design/stuff.antlers.html
/design/your/popsicle resources/views/design/your/popsicle.antlers.html
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