List of Reserved Words

As Field Names

This is the list of reserved words you shouldn’t use as field names, in addition to the names of Statamic’s Tags and contextual variables.

  • content_type
  • elseif
  • endif
  • endunless
  • if
  • reference
  • resource
  • unless
  • value

Some of these may work as field names in some circumstances, but can have unintended consequences, like overriding global data, behaviors, or creating issues with Vue components inside the Control Panel.

Special Cases

  • content as a field name when also utilizing the “content area” of your YAML front-loaded Markdown files (usually when working in the files directly)
  • global with any datatype storing data as an array when there is also a global field of the same name.

As Form Fields

  • message
  • messages

As Taxonomy Group Names

  • register

As Wildcard Variables in Statamic Routes

  • entry
  • taxonomy
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