Storing Laravel Users in Files

Sometimes the Statamic way beats the Laravel way.

When creating new site using the statamic command or by cloning statamic/statamic, your Laravel application will be preconfigured to store users as files. Nothing else is required!

If you’ve installed Statamic into an existing Laravel application, it will be expecting users to be stored in the database, but you can switch to the filesystem:

  1. In config/statamic/users.php, change repository to file.
  2. In config/auth.php, change the users provider driver to statamic.
     'providers' => [
         'users' => [
             'driver' => 'statamic',
  3. Uncomment the users store in config/statamic/stache.php.
    'users' => [
        'class' => Stores\UsersStore::class,
        'directory' => base_path('users'),
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