Control the magic progress bar at the top of the page.

You can control the progress bar at the top of the page through the $progress instance method. This progress bar will get a little further in small intervals automatically but will never reach 100% until it’s told to.

The component can track the progress from multiple places, and will only be considered complete once all of them are complete.

this.$progress.start($name); // Starts the progress bar
this.$progress.complete($name); // Instantly progress to 100% and disappear
this.$progress.loading($name, true); // Alias of .start() - Useful for passing a boolean
this.$progress.loading($name, false); // Alias of complete()
this.$progress.names(); // The names of the items that are being tracked.
this.$progress.count(); // How many are being tracked.
this.$progress.isComplete(); // Whether all the items that were being tracked have completed.
Hot Tip!

If you have a component that may appear multiple times on one page (like a Fieldtype), make sure the name is unique. All Vue components already have a unique _uid property that can be used for this purpose.

this.$progress.start('things' + this._uid);

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