Slugify Vue Component

You can use the <slugify> component to generate a slug based off another property:

<slugify :from="title" v-model="slug">
<input slot-scope="{}" :value="slug" @input="slug = $" />

When the value of the from prop changes (ie. the title property), it will update the slug property.

If you update the slug manually (ie. by typing in the field), the component will realize, and prevent any further automatic slug generation.

If you want underscores instead of dashes, you can pass in separator="_".

JavaScript API

Basic Slugs

You may also create slugs programmatically.

Statamic.$slug.create('Hello World'); // hello-world

You may also define the separating character:

Statamic.$slug.separatedBy('_').create('Hello World'); // hello_world

You may use the str_slug and snake_case global methods respectively as aliases for both of these:

str_slug('Hello World'); // hello-world
snake_case('Hello World'); // hello_world
Hot Tip!

When you’re within a Vue component, you may use this.$slug instead of Statamic.$slug.

More Oomph

When you need more accurate slugs, you can leverage PHP’s more powerful slug logic. By calling async, the create method will become Promise-based as it requests slugs from the server:

Statamic.$slug.async().create('Hello World').then(slug => {
console.log(slug); // 'hello-world'

This is particularly useful when you need to provide the language:

.then(slug => console.log(slug)); // ni_hao_shi_jie
Hot Tip!

If you don’t provide a language, the language of the selected site in the control panel will be used.


If you will be calling this repeatedly, such as via user’s keystrokes, debouncing is useful to prevent excess calls to the server.

Debouncing will be automatically handled as long as you call create on the same instance:

const slugger = Statamic.$slug.async().separatedBy('_');
slugger.create('one').then(slug => console.log(slug));
slugger.create('two').then(slug => console.log(slug));
slugger.create('three').then(slug => console.log(slug));
// console: 'three'
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