Vue Components

Here's how you can add your own Vue 2 components to the Statamic Control Panel.

Registering Components

In order to use a custom Vue component, it needs to be registered. You should do this inside the Statamic.booting() callback.

Once registered, you (or Statamic) will be able to use the component.

export default {
props: ['hello']
import MyComponent from './Components/MyComponent.vue';
Statamic.booting(() => {
Statamic.$components.register('my-component', MyComponent);

Appending Components

Registered components may also be appended to the end of the page at any point.

const component = Statamic.$components.append('publish-confirmation', {
props: { foo: 'bar' }

This will return an object representing the component. On this object, you have access to a number of methods to interact with the Vue component.

Updating props

component.prop('prop-name', newValue);

Adding event listeners

It works just like Vue’s $on method:

// inside component
this.$emit('event-name', { foo: 'bar' });
component.on('event-name', (payload) => {
console.log(payload); // { foo: 'bar' }

Destroying the component

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