Statamic 3 Documentation

Welcome to the Statamic 3 Beta! If you dive in, you will encounter bugs, typos, missing documentation, and unclear instructions. If you find yourself confused, frustrated, or stuck, fear not! It is expected and your feedback will make everything better.

Your Mission

Your mission — should you choose to accept it — is to provide feedback whenever you get confused or stuck so we can smooth out, rewrite, or fix whatever tripped you up.

We need the outside perspective that you can bring to help us get out of beta. There are fundamental changes to the way some features work, how to configure your site, the names of things, and so on.

There are new features that need testing, documentation that needs reading (and writing and rewriting), and workflows that need trying.

If you’re able and willing to help us with these things, we will be forever grateful. Statamic’s successful future will have you to thank.

Before You Start

If this is your first experience with Statamic, please reserve your final judgement as to the quality or utility of the platform until we’re out of beta. We’ve built a very solid and flexible foundation and most bugs and snags will be a minor efforts to correct.

We have a v2 migrator! Instead of upgrading an existing site by hand, let magic do it for you!

Not for Production Use

Statamic 3 Beta is NOT intended for production use. You may encounter show-stopping bugs. Features may be removed last minute. There may still be breaking changes resulting in tedious manual labor and refactoring on your end to get back in sync with master.

So when you’re tempted to launch that site you built anyway even after reading this warning, just remember — we told you not to do it and we still love you. ❤️

What You See…

May not be part of Statamic core when we launch 3.0. Some features may be extracted into addons, renamed, moved around, or removed completely. Keep that in mind.

Providing Feedback

🐛If you encounter anything looks, smells, feels, or tastes like a bug, open an issue on the main statamic/cms repo.

💡If you have an idea on how to improve the way something works, open an issue on the statamic/ideas repo.

🙋🏼‍♀️If you have a feature request, we ask that you save it for later. We’re feature locked and don’t want to push the launch out any further than necessary. There will be plenty of time for great new, new things soon enough.

🎁 If you’re interested in contributing to Statamic 3, please read our Contribution Guide first. Statamic isn’t Free Open Source Software so there are a couple of little caveats to be aware of first. Thank you for considering it!


Beta = Work In Progress. Before you start opening Github Issues, here are some notes on the state of various things.

  • The Control Panel is not fully responsive. Please only provide feedback on the Desktop breakpoint for now.
  • The addon directory is not enabled yet. We needed to wait until the GitHub repos were public before we finish it and open it to testing.
  • Multi-user editing is a separate addon not included in Beta.
  • These docs are still a work in progress. Hang in there, you can see by the commit log that we’re working around the clock on them. If you’re interested in more reading, we have even rougher wip docs we used to catch our brain dumps during development.
  • Using Statamic in an existing Laravel application can lead to unexpected edge cases. Bring them to us so we can smooth out this integration!
Chris Traeger thanks you for participating!