Starter Kits

Starter Kits are pre-built site packages that jump-start new Statamic sites with features, functionality, and even design.

Built by the core team or designers & developers in the community, Starter Kits can cover a wide range of uses, from fully-built, ready-to-go sites, to developer-focused boilerplates for common frontend frameworks. Starter Kits can be shared and even sold on the Statamic Marketplace.

Statamic Starter Kits vs WordPress Themes

While they may seem similar on the surface, Statamic Starter Kits and WordPress Themes take a very different approach to the end-goal of speeding up the web design and development process. Allow us to explain the difference.

Many WordPress themes are interchangeable because WordPress uses the same content model for all sites. This is both a strength and a weakness of the platform. The strength is the interchangeability, but the weakness is that not every business or website should be the same. Sites often outgrow their themes with feature and content needs the theme doesn't support. When this happens, site owners need to either start hacking and slashing away at someone else's code, or installing plugins and hoping for the best.

Statamic Starter Kits are designed to be a starting place. Good, clean code, ready to be changed, built-upon, and adapted to your needs. Each Starter Kit can have a unique content model, design, and set of features that fits its creator's purpose.

We envision Starter Kits as a great way to "skip ahead" in the usual development cycle of a website, and less of a "no-code" approach to web development.

Where to Find Starter Kits

The best way to find Starter Kits is by exploring the Statamic Marketplace.

Podcaster – a Statatmic Starter Kit
This is Podcaster — a Starter Kit for podcasters.
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