Control Panel Translations

Statamic's Control Panel is currently available in 18 languages. We always welcome new translations!


Set which language you want to use by default in config/app.php. You may also choose a fallback locale in case new content and strings are added to the control panel before an accompanying translation has been updated.

'locale' => 'es',
'fallback_locale' => 'en',

Per-User Override

You can override the translation locale on a per-user basis by setting locale: {code} in a given user's preferences (their YAML record).

name: Nosmo King
super: true
locale: en

Available Translations

Language Code
Czech cs
Danish da
German de or de_CH
English en
Spanish es
Persian fa
French fr
Hungarian hu
Indonesia id
Italian it
Japanese ja
Malaysia ms
Norwegian nb
Dutch nl
Polish pl
Portuguese pt or pt_BR
Russia ru
Slovene sl
Swedish sv
Turkish tr
Ukrainian uk
Simplified Chinese zh_CN
Taiwan zh_TW

Translations are community contributed so may you find them to be incomplete shortly after an update.

Contributing a New Translation

There are 4 steps.

  1. Clone statamic/cms locally
  2. Run composer install
  3. Generate a new translation from source files
  4. Translate new message files in resources/lang
  5. Commit changes and submit a PR

Generating Translation Files

Run the translator generate command in the statamic/cms project, along with the new language code as an argument. This will generate empty JSON and PHP files in resources/lang ready to be translated into the locale of your choice.

You can specify a short 2 character language code (es) or the full 4 character regional code (es_MX).

It is recommended that you comply to the language code standard.

php translator generate eo
  • The JSON file contains all the "short strings" established on the fly with the translation helpers, e.g. __('Cowabunga').
  • The PHP files contain longer strings and are well organized by section of the control panel.
  • Translatable strings can contain a | to separate singular and plurals.
  • Translatable strings can contain the :something format to indicate a variable.
|-- eo/
| |-- markdown.php
| |-- messages.php
| |-- permissions.php
| |-- validation.php
|-- eo.json
Hot Tip!

This command will also update existing files with any changes from recent Statamic releases.

Using Google Translate

You can get a translation kickstarted with the Google API by passing your API key.

php translator generate eo --key=abc123

Using the Reviewer

Running the translator review command will loop through all the translations showing you the key, the English phrase, and new translated phrase for proofreading. You can enter new translations during this process. You can also use this command to gather new or changed translatable strings after a Statamic update.

php translator review eo messages
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