White Labeling

Pro Feature

White Labeling allows you to customize the logo, visible name, and basic theme of the CMS throughout the control panel.


White Label options are available in config/statamic/cp.php or through corresponding environment variables.


Keep in mind that according to the license terms you can only rebrand for personal, internal, or client usage. You cannot resell Statamic under another name.

CP Theme

You can choose to switch the default "rad" login theme with a more vanilla (and boring) "business" theme.

'theme' => env('STATAMIC_THEME', 'rad'),

Available options:

  • rad
  • business
Statamic White Label Theme
Here's the "business" theme with a custom logo

Custom CMS Name

Set a custom name for the CMS.

'custom_cms_name' => env('STATAMIC_CUSTOM_CMS_NAME', 'Statamic'),

Swap out the logo with a URL to one of your own.

'custom_logo_url' => env('STATAMIC_CUSTOM_LOGO_URL', null),

You may set different logos for inside and outside Control Panel (nav bar and login screen, respectively) by passing an array.

'custom_logo_url' => [
'nav' => '/logo-white.png',
'outside' => '/logo-dark.png'

You can also specify a different URL to be used when in Dark Mode:

'custom_logo_url' => '/logo-light-mode.png',
'custom_dark_logo_url' => '/logo-dark-mode.png',

Custom Favicon

Swap out the favicon with a URL to one of your own.

'custom_favicon_url' => env('STATAMIC_CUSTOM_FAVICON_URL', null),

Custom CSS

Set the path to a CSS file and easily add your own styles to the control panel.

'custom_css_url' => env('STATAMIC_CUSTOM_CSS_URL', null),

Support URL

Set the location of the support link in the "Useful Links" header dropdown. Use false to remove it entirely.

'support_url' => env('STATAMIC_SUPPORT_URL', 'https://statamic.com/support'),


Whether to show links to Statamic documentation throughout the Control Panel.

'link_to_docs' => env('STATAMIC_LINK_TO_DOCS', true),
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