Statamic provides developers a nice long list of scripts available in the command line. They can clear caches, create users, generate addon and extension classes, and perform other time-saving tasks. In short, they make a developer's job easier and more enjoyable.


Statamic's CLI commands are built with Laravel's Artisan Console package. To view the list of Statamic-specific commands, you may use the please list command:

php please list

To see all commands available, including those provided by Laravel, use the artisan list command.

php artisan list

Artisan vs Please

There is no functional difference between Artisan and Please. please is merely an alias for php artisan statamic:. We just think manners are still important and it feels nice to treat your command line with respect, while saving you a little time typing.

# These are equivalent
php please make:user
php artisan statamic:make:user

Every command also includes a help screen which displays and describes the command's available arguments and options. To view a help screen, precede the name of the command with help:

php please help make:user

Available Commands

You can see the list of available commands in your terminal by running php please list. But for those who don't feel like it, haven't installed yet, or are scared of the command line, here they are also.

Command Description
addons:discover Rebuild the cached addon package manifest
assets:generate-presets Generate asset preset manipulations
assets:meta Generate asset metadata files
auth:migration Generate Auth Migrations
glide:clear Clear the Glide image cache
install Install Statamic
list List all the Statamic commands
make:action Create a new action addon
make:addon Create a new addon
make:filter Create a new filter addon
make:fieldtype Create a new fieldtype addon
make:modifier Create a new modifier addon
make:scope Create a new query scope addon
make:tag Create a new tag addon
make:user Create a new user account
make:widget Create a new widget addon
multisite Converts from a single to multisite installation
site:clear Start a fresh site, wiping away all content
search:insert Insert an item into its search indexes
search:update Update a search index
stache:clear Clear the "Stache" cache
stache:doctor Diagnose any problems with the Stache.
stache:refresh Clear and rebuild the "Stache" cache
stache:warm Build the "Stache" cache
starter-kit:export Export a starter kit package
starter-kit:install Install a starter kit
static:clear Clear the static page cache
static:warm Warm the static cache by crawling all URLs
support:details List useful details to help with support
support:zip-blueprint Create a zip file with a blueprint and all fieldset imports
updates:run Run update scripts from a specific version

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