Creating Users by Hand

Did you know you can create users by hand by making new text files? Well now you do. Here's how.

User accounts are represented by YAML files in the users/ directory, named according to their email address. The YAML contents must have a password and role of some kind inside to be able to log into the control panel. The simplest role is a Super User.

Hot Tip!

You can also create users via the command line. It's even easier than this.

Walkthrough: Creating a new Super User

  1. Create a file called <[email protected]>. Make sure to use a real email address otherwise that reset password feature won't do a darn thing.
  2. Inside the YAML file add super: true and password: anything_you_want, where anything_you_want is literally anything you want as a password.
  3. Visit any URL on the site and Statamic will spot that unencrypted password and hash/securify it for you.
  4. Now you can log in with anything_you_want, or the thing you really wanted.

Before being securified:

super: true
password: anything_you_want

After securification:

super: true
password_hash: $2y$10$Vopn8T7e.EMVEjxdP5p.g.AU5GTTN4RklvgR2l0dTwSPeJal91v/q

Assigning Non-Super Roles

If you've created roles with limited permissions, you can assign those to your user's YAML file in an array:

- editor
- publisher
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