CLI Command Not Found: Statamic

In order for you to run globally installed Composer binaries, (like our statamic installer) you'll need to tell your computer where it's located.

If you were to run statamic in your terminal, it would have no idea you meant the one you just installed with Composer.

$ statamic new mysite
Command not found: statamic

You could use the full path to the binary instead:

$ ~/.composer/vendor/bin/statamic new mysite
Building a new statamic site.

But that's silly. Who wants to do that every time?

You can solve this by adding Composer's bin directory to your PATH (sometimes seen as $PATH).

MacOS or Linux

Find out what shell you're using by running echo $SHELL.

  • If it's bash, create a ~/.bashrc file.
  • If it's zsh, create a ~/.zshrc file.

Then add this to the end of it:

export PATH=${PATH}:~/.composer/vendor/bin

To test it, open a new terminal window and run echo $PATH. You should see the composer directory at the end.

Windows 10

To add to your PATH on Windows, it requires you to click through some things. Ryan Hoffman has written an article with screenshots to walk you through it.

Composer's directory to add is %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming\Composer\vendor\bin.

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