Upgrading from v2 to v3

A guide for upgrading your existing Statamic v2 projects to v3.


Statamic 3 takes everything you love about v2, rewrites all the old stuff (Laravel 5.1 and Vue.js 1) with the latest hotness, adds roughly 80 million fantastic new features, and speeds up performance by 5x-200x. What's not to love about that?

Hot Tip!

Try out our migrator package to help automate most of your v2 upgrade!


We've taken the lessons learned from years of work on Statamic v2 and updated our philosophy-level approach to flat file content management. These principles guide many of the changes — breaking and otherwise — you'll find in Statamic v3.

We don't break things for the fun of it. We hope understanding these philosophies will help defuse any frustration you may encounter when faced with needing to relearn something fundamental.

Git changes should be as small and discrete as possible

Wherever reasonable and possible, we opt for patterns resulting in smaller git changes, especially those avoiding filename changes. Filename changes cause a messy delete and add diff in your git history. Examples of this principle in action:

  • Publish status is now controlled by a YAML variable and no longer results in a file move/delete/add.
  • Pages and their parent/child folder hierarchies are now standard entries combined with a single YAML file storing the tree (this feature is called Structures). Rearranging your nav results in a single file change instead of a huge file/folder wangjanglification.

Building in the open benefits everyone

  • Statamic v3 is now installed via Composer.
  • Dependencies can be updated to take advantage of features and fixes without needing a Statamic core update or patch release.
  • The vendor directory is not included, making the package much, much smaller.
  • Your own Statamic site repos can be public.

Reinventing Laravel's wheels is counterproductive

Statamic v3 is built as a Laravel package instead of a "siloed" application like v2. This makes it drop-in friendly for existing Laravel applications and your own Statamic sites become much easier to extend and customize — often without needing to make addons.

To accomplish this we've had to follow more Laravel conventions, a positive thing in many ways, which result in numerous small changes. For example...

  • Application-level configuration settings are now in Laravel config files — PHP files in config/statamic — managed only on the file level.
  • Many behaviors can now be overridden in your own service provider.
  • Addons are now Composer packages.
  • You can swap in your own favorite template language by customizing Laravel's view handler. We've heard some people like Twig.

Breaking Changes: Core

First, let's look at the breaking changes on the core application side. These are changes affecting the control panel, front-end, cli, and generally anything that doesn't require custom PHP.


  • site/content directory is now content
  • site/users directory is now users
  • site/settings/*.yaml have moved to php config files in config/statamic. See settings.

Theming and Views

  • The concept of "themes" is gone. Your site just has just one frontend, and it's in resources.
  • Templates (views) are now located in the resources/views instead of separate templates, layouts, and partials directories.
  • Removed theme:partial tag in favor of partial.
  • The content field is no longer automatically parsed for Antlers. You can flag it for parsing in the blueprint. (As well as any other fields)
  • Inside loops index now starts at 0, count starts at 1, and zero_index is no more.
  • Statamic no longer automatically registers routes for taxonomies. If you need them, you can register them yourself.


  • The folder.yaml is now up one directory so it's not mixed in amongst all the entries.
  • It's also renamed to the handle of the collection. eg blog.yaml
  • Instead of all values in the YAML file cascading to entries, only values nested inside data will.
  • Date based collections should have date: true, instead of order: date
  • Ordered collections should have orderable: true, instead of order: numeric
  • Mounting to a page is reversed. Instead of adding mount: collection to an page, you now add mount: page-id to the collection.
  • Instead of fieldset: foo, you should use blueprints: [foo] (it's plural, and an array).


  • Data gets nested inside a data key. This separates the data from the meta data, which you don't really want to be used as global variables.
  • When using multiple sites, the data gets stored in completely separate files.


  • The locale preference for the CP has become an actual preference. Move locale: en from the top level of the user file into the preferences array.


  • Array fieldtype terminology was changed from value => text to key => value, and thus config options were also changed to add_button, key_header and value_header to match the new terminology.
  • Relate and Suggest fieldtypes have been removed in favor of Relationship fieldtypes.
  • Redactor fieldtype has been removed in favor of the Bard fieldtype.
  • Pages and Collection fieldtypes have been removed in favor of the Entries fieldtype.


Fieldsets technically still exist, although they are now a smaller, companion feature to Blueprints. Blueprints get attached to content. Fieldsets are an optional feature and can be used inside blueprints.

  • In content etc, you should reference blueprint: foo instead of fieldset: foo.
  • There is no more fieldsets fieldtype. You should use the blueprints fieldtype.
  • Field conditions use a slightly different syntax for multiple OR conditions and null/empty checks.
  • Consider using the statamic:migrate:fieldset command to convert your v2 fieldsets to blueprints.
  • The partial fieldtype has been removed in favor of the import feature in Blueprints.


  • get_content
    • Now only accepts IDs, not URLs.
  • get_values
    • Removed. Use get_content.
  • glide
    • When used as a tag pair simply passes data inside. It no longer parses the contents as the src parameter.
  • glide:generate
    • Removed. This is now the default behavior of the main glide tag when used as a pair. You can use glide:batch for this use case.
  • entries, entries:listing, pages
    • Removed. Use collection.
  • form
    • Replaced name element in fields array with handle.
    • Replaced field element in fields array with a renderable view.
  • form:create
    • attr is no longer a parameter, add them directly to the tag
  • form:submissions
    • No longer inherits parameters from the collection tag.
  • nav:exists
    • Removed. It's much cleaner to use the main nav tag, alias the results to a variable, and check if it's empty.
  • relate
    • No longer inherits parameters from the collection tag.
    • You can probably remove this tag entirely, as the values should be augmented.

Tag Conditions

Content tag conditions still exist, but now use our new content query builders under the hood. It's worth noting some of these conditions may differ in behavior slightly, as they are now implemented using more agnostic query builder compatible comparisons or regular expressions instead of PHP logic.

The most notable breaking changes are as follows:

  • All comparisons and regex patterns are now case-insensitive by default.
  • is, equals, not, isnt, and aint no longer work with _strict modifier.
  • contains and doesnt_contain no longer work on array/object data.
  • matches, match, regex and doesnt_match now ignore pattern delimiters and modifiers.
  • is_uppercase, is_lowercase, is_today, is_yesterday, is_between, is_leap_year, is_weekday, is_weekend, in_array and is_json conditions were removed.

Breaking Changes: API

Global Functions

Most of the global functions have been removed in an effort to prevent pollution of the global namespace.

  • Removed array_get(), use Statamic\Support\Arr::get()
  • Removed array_reindex()
  • Removed array_filter_key()
  • Removed translate(), use trans()
  • Removed translate_choice(), use trans_choice()
  • Removed bool_str(), use Statamic\Support\Str:bool()
  • Removed str_bool(), use Statamic\Support\Str::toBool()
  • Removed site_locale(), use Statamic\Facades\Site::current()->handle()
  • Removed default_locale(), use Statamic\Facades\Config::getDefaultLocale()
  • cp_resource_url() is now Statamic\Statamic::assetUrl() (being consistent with what Laravel considers an asset)
  • resource_url() is now Statamic\Statamic::url()
  • Removed path(), use Statamic\Facades\Path::tidy($from . '/' . $to)
  • Removed root_path(), use base_path()
  • Removed webroot_path(), use public_path()
  • Removed site_path()
  • Removed local_path()
  • Removed bundles_path()
  • Removed addons_path()
  • Removed settings_path()
  • Removed site_storage_path()
  • Removed cache_path()
  • Removed logs_path()
  • Removed temp_path()
  • Removed carbon(), use Illuminate\Support\Carbon
  • Removed datastore()
  • Removed site_root()
  • Removed resources_root()
  • Removed collect_content()
  • Removed collect_entries(), use EntryCollection::make()
  • Removed collect_globals(), use GlobalCollection::make()
  • Removed collect_assets(), use AssetCollection::make()
  • Removed collect_terms(), use TermCollection::make()
  • Removed collect_users(), use UserCollection::make()
  • Removed collect_files(), use FileCollection::make()
  • Removed collect_pages()
  • Removed me(), use Statamic\Facades\User::current()
  • Removed addon()
  • Removed nav()
  • Removed col_class()
  • Removed svg()
  • Removed inline_svg()
  • Removed is_id()
  • Removed active_for()
  • Removed nav_is()
  • Removed format_url(), use Statamic\Facades\URL::format()
  • Removed markdown(), use Statamic\Support\Html::markdown()
  • Removed textile(), use Statamic\Support\Html::textile()
  • Removed t(), use __()
  • Removed slugify(), use Statamic\Support\Str::slug()
  • Removed smartypants(), use Statamic\Support\Html::smartypants()
  • Removed bool(), use Statamic\Support\Str::toBool()
  • Removed int(), use intval()
  • Removed d(), use dump()
  • Removed gravatar(), use Statamic\Support\URL::gravatar()
  • Removed format_input_options() from both PHP and JS (use HasInputOptions mixin)
  • Removed format_update()
  • Removed modify()
  • Removed refreshing_addons()
  • Removed cp_middleware()
  • Removed sanitize(), use Statamic\Support\Str::sanitize()
  • Removed sanitize_array(), use Statamic\Support\Arr::sanitize()
  • Removed array_filter_recursive
  • Removed array_filter_use_both, use array_filter($arr, $cb, ARRAY_FILTER_USE_BOTH)
  • Removed mb_str_word_count
  • Removed to_moment_js_date_format

Suggest Modes

Suggest modes have been replaced by customized relationship fieldtypes.


Statamic\API classes are now Statamic\Facades


  • Removed manager()
  • Renamed create to make


  • Moved to Statamic\Support\Arr


  • Renamed whereId to findById
  • Renamed whereUrl to findByUrl


  • Removed wherePath
  • Renamed create to make


  • Removed, use Asset.


  • Removed. Use Illuminate\Support\Facades\Auth


  • Removed create, use make.
  • Removed wherePath


  • Removed. Use Illuminate\Support\Facades\Cache
  • put() would accept a third argument for minutes, null for forever. The Laravel class requires a time. Use Cache::forever() to put forever.


  • Renamed create to make.
  • Removed handleExists
  • Renamed whereHandle to findByHandle


  • Removed. Use Data.


  • Removed. Use Illuminate\Support\Facades\Cookie


  • Removed. Use Illuminate\Support\Facades\Crypt



  • Removed. Use Entry


  • whereCollection() now only supports a single collection (use whereInCollection() if you need to pass multiple)
  • Renamed whereUri to findByUri
  • Removed exists
  • Removed slugExists
  • Removed countWhereCollection()
  • Renamed create to make


  • Removed. Use Illuminate\Support\Facades\Event


  • Tip: You probably want Blueprint now.
  • Removed create
  • Renamed get to find, and removed the $type argument.


  • Renamed get to find
  • Removed getAllFormsets
  • Renamed create to make
  • Removed fields


  • Removed. Use GlobalSet


  • Renamed create to make
  • Renamed whereHandle to findByHandle


  • Removed. Use Illuminate\Support\Facades\Hash


  • Removed


  • Removed. Use Illuminate\Support\Facades\Artisan.


  • Moved to Statamic\Support\Str


  • Removed removeSiteRoot()


  • Removed because core no longer uses it.
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