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Navs Fieldtype

Allows you to choose from one or more navigations.

Navs Fieldtype UI
The Navs Fieldtype in action!


Use this fieldtype to create a one-way relationship with one or more navigations in your site. It's a simple-little-helper type of thing.

Data Structure

The Navs fieldtype stores the handle of a single navigation as a string, or an array of handles if max_items is greater than 1.

- main_nav
- footer


Loop through the structures to access their handles and pass them to a Nav tag.

{{ structures }}
{{ nav :handle="handle" }}
<li><a href="{{ url }}">{{ title }}</a></li>
{{ /nav }}
{{ /structures }}
<li><a href="/look-at-this">Look at This!</a></li>
<li><a href="/look-at-that">Wait, Look at That!</a></li>




The maximum number of items that may be selected. Setting this to 1 will change the UI to a dropdown.



Set the UI style for this field. Can be one of 'default' (Stack Selector), 'select' (Select Dropdown) or 'typeahead' (Typeahead Field).



Configure which types of structures you want to be selectable. Options are collection or navigation.

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