Revealer Fieldtype

The revealer is a simple button that reveals conditional fields without saving any additional data.

revealer.gif Fieldtype UI
Behold! The Revealer Fieldtype!

This fieldtype is intended to be used with conditional field rules. If you have some fields that should only sometimes show, throw a Revealer field in there and those fields may be shown once the button is clicked.

The example image above uses the following field configuration:

    handle: revealed
      type: text
      display: 'I am revealed!'
        behold: 'equals true'
    handle: behold
      type: revealer
      display: 'Behold!'

Regardless of whether the button was clicked or not, no data will be saved.

Config Options

display string

This is the button text.

instructions string

Instructional text that will appear as a tooltip on the button.

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