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Users Fieldtype

Attach users to your content to show authorship, list team members, assign the winners of a foot race, or even winners of an elbow race.

Users Fieldtype UI
The Users Fieldtype in action!


The most common use for the Users fieldtype is to set the "author" for entries, but it's not the only use. You could...

  • List people who contributed to a project
  • Link to related authors
  • Manage an "Employee of the Weekend" section. Everyone wants to be the King or Queen of Inventory Saturday, right?
  • Display team bios
  • Pull in customer's testimonials through their user account.

Data Structure

The Users fieldtype is a relationship fieldtype – which mean the data will store a reference to the users IDs to main a dynamic link.

author: abc-123-cba-321


All relationship fields use augmentation to fetch the actual data objects, allowing you to interact with the related data automatically and dynamically.

<div class="bg-white p-4 shadow flex items-center">
{{ author }}
<img class="w-10 h-10 rounded-full" src="{{ avatar }}" alt="Avatar of {{ name }}">
<div class="text-sm ml-4">
<p class="text-gray-900 leading-none">{{ name }}</p>
<p class="text-gray-600">{{ email }}</p>
{{ /author }}
<div class="bg-white p-4 shadow flex items-center">
<img class="w-10 h-10 rounded-full" src="/img/avatars/david.jpg" alt="Avatar of David Hasselhoff">
<div class="text-sm ml-4">
<p class="text-gray-900 leading-none">David Hasselhoff</p>
<p class="text-gray-600">[email protected]</p>




Setting to current will default the field to the currently logged in user.



The maximum number of users than can be selected. Leave it empty for no limit (default). Setting to 1 will save the value as a string instead of an array and will switch to a select dropdown UI.



Choose between select, typeahead, and the default stack selector UI modes.



Allows you to specify a query scope which should be applied when retrieving selectable users. Make sure to specify the "handle" of the query scope, eg. my_awesome_scope.

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