Modifier: macro

Macro is a very special modifier. It performs no modifications of its own, but rather lets you create reusable groups of modifiers and give them a name. Those groups are each called a “macro” and are stored in your resources/macros.yaml file. Keep in mind that the order of modifiers within a macro matter, the same way as regular modifiers.

# /resources/macros.yaml
  title: true
  widont: true
  remove_right: .

# Page content
title: Actually i don't know what we're talking about.
{{ title | macro:headline }}
I Don't Know What We're Talking About

When passing multiple parameters to a modifier, you’ll need to pop down into a simple list:

# /resources/macros.yaml
    - 175
    - ...

This is equivalent to:

{{ content | safe_truncate:175:... }}
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