Redirect Tag

Anytime this tag is rendered — whether in a template, partial, or content, Statamic will redirect the visitor to the specified URL.

Redirecting to URLs

Let’s redirect visitors to the homepage if they’re not logged in.

{{ if ! logged_in }}
  {{ redirect to="/" }}
{{ /if }}

How about RickRolling visitors if it’s April Fool’s Day?

{{ if (now|format:m-d) == "04-01" }}
  {{ redirect to="" }}
{{ /if }}

Named Routes

You may redirect to named routes with the route parameter. Anything else will be passed along as route parameters.

Route::get('products/{product}/{size}', fn($product, $size) => ...)
{{ redirect route="" product="socks" size="large" }}
// /products/socks/large


url string

Destination URL

to string

Alias of url

route string

Instead of entering a URL, you can specify a route name. Any other parameters will be passed along as route parameters.

response integer

The HTTP response code to use. Default: 302 (temporary).

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