Increment Tag

Each time an increment tag is parsed, an index is incremented by one and displayed.


Most loops already have an index variable that will display which iteration the loop is on. However, there are cases were you may need to start another counter, begin counting from a particular number, or increment by a step size other than 1. For those reasons, this tag exists.

{{ items }}
  {{ increment }}
{{ /items }}
0 1 2 3 4 5

A counter will only be incremented if its parsed. You can wrap it inside an if condition if you want it to be conditionally incremented.

Multiple Counters

You can have multiple counters going at once in your view by giving each a unique name as the second tag argument.

{{ items }}
  {{ increment:again }}
{{ /items }}


from integer

The number to start incrementing from. Default: 0;

by integer

The size to increment by. Default: 1.

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