Section Tag

The section tag is a useful way to abstract and reuse your views by extracting a section of markup that can then be rendered elsewhere with a yield tag.


Most commonly this section/yield approach is used to create a global area in your layout that can be changed by your templates. This eliminates the need for any brittle and messy logic.


  • No thank you: {{ if template == "news" }} hardcode something {{ /if }}
  • Yes please: {{ section:something }} + {{ yield:something }}


In the example below, everything within the section:sidebar tag will not be rendered in the template, but rather in the layout.

// The Template
<h1>{{ title }}</h1>
{{ content }}
{{ section:sidebar }}
<h2>About the Author</h2>
{{ author:name }}
{{ author:bio }}
{{ /section:sidebar }}
// The Layout
<title>{{ title }} | {{ site_name }}</title>
{{ template_content }}
{{ yield:sidebar }}

If you haven't read up on templates and layouts, you should. It's relevant.

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