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For a software dev like me who has no idea how to create a cute hand-drawn dashed line, this course just 100% works.

— Ira Zayats, Developer

wrap Modifier

Wraps a string with a given HTML tag. Has the nice benefit of returning null if there is no data, eliminating the need for simple {{ if }} wrappers.

title: As the World Turns
{{ title | wrap('h1') }}
<h1>As the World Turns</h1>

You may also use Emmet-style CSS classes to be added to the tag.

{{ title | wrap('h1.fast.furious') }}
<h1 class="fast furious">As the World Turns</h1>

The wrap modifier also accepts passing in arrays.

- Jack
- Jason
- Jesse
- Josh
- Duncan
- The Hoff
{{ team_members | wrap('li') | join(' ') }}
<li>The Hoff</li>
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