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Form:Set Tag

This is a "convenience" wrapper tag that will set all other form tags to use the same formset.


Each form tag needs to know which formset it is handling. As a convenience, rather than re-specifying the same formset parameter over and over, we can use an enclosing {{ form:set }} tag pair to apply it everywhere, automatically.

{{ form:set is="contact" }}
{{ if {form:errors} }}
{{ form:errors }}...{{ /form:errors }}
{{ /if }}
{{ if {form:success} }}...{{ /if }}
{{ form:create }}...{{ /form:create }}
{{ /form:set }}

In this example, if we didn't use the form:set wrapper tag, we would need to add in="contact" to each of the
form:something tags.




Specify the name of the form.

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