Range Fieldtype

Range fields let the user choose a numeric value which must be no less than a given value, and no more than another.

range.png Fieldtype UI
Behold! The Range Fieldtype!

Data Structure

The value is stored as an integer.

number: 42


Use the variable in your templates to display the value. That’s pretty much it.

<p>My favorite number is {{ number }}.</p>
<p>My favorite number is 42.</p>

Config Options

min integer

The minimum, left-most value. Default 0.

max integer

The maximum, left-most value. Default 1000.

step integer

The minimum size between values. Default 1.

append string

Add text to the end (right-side) of the rage slider.

prepend string

Add text to the beginning (left-side) of the rage slider.

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