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Structures Fieldtype

For when you need to create a relationship to one or more Structures. This could be useful to pick which version of a sidebar or footer to include on a page, or other similar things.

Structures Fieldtype UI
The Structures Fieldtype in action!


Use this fieldtype to create a one-way relationship with one or more structures in your site. It's a simple-little-helper type of thing.

Hot Tip!

Structures come in two flavors: Ordered Collections and Navigations.

Data Storage

The Structures fieldtype stores the handle of a single structure as a string, or an array of handles if max_items is greater than 1.

- main_nav
- footer


Loop through the structures to access their handles and pass them to a Nav tag.

{{ structures }}
{{ nav :handle="handle" }}
<li><a href="{{ url }}">{{ title }}</a></li>
{{ /nav }}
{{ /structures }}
<li><a href="/look-at-this">Look at This!</a></li>
<li><a href="/look-at-that">Wait, Look at That!</a></li>




The maximum number of items that may be selected. Setting this to 1 will automatically change the UI to a dropdown.



Sets the UI mode for choosing your structures. Pick between Stack Selector, Select Dropdown, or Typeahead Field.

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Learn More!

Create relationships with structures.



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