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Collection:Previous Tag

If you're on a single entry page and want to show previous entries in order (publish date, alphabetical, or manual), this is the tag you're looking for.

Date Order

This tag relies on the native publish date field for date ordering.


This will show the next 2 posts in a blog collection. It'll scope the entries loop into the posts tag pair. If there are no more entries, the no results text will be shown.

{{ collection:previous in="blog" as="posts" limit="2" sort="date:asc" }}
{{ if no_results }}
No more posts to read!
{{ /if }}
{{ posts }}
<div class="post">
<a href="{{ url }}">{{ title }}</a>
{{ /posts }}
{{ /collection:previous }}
Hot Tip!

This functions the same way as the collection:next tag but in the opposite direction.




Explicitly define a collection. Defaults to whatever collection the current entry is in.



Explicitly define a current entry by id. Defaults to the current entry in context.

collection params


All collection tag parameters are available.


Variable Type Description



true if no results.

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