Radical Design Course by Jack McDade

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Learn how to make your websites standout and be remembered.

For a software dev like me who has no idea how to create a cute hand-drawn dashed line, this course just 100% works.

— Ira Zayats, Developer

as Modifier

Alias an array variable as another name, allowing you to massage your data to reused shared components and templates.

type: text
content: I love to eat tacos in the bathroom.
type: photo
photo: /assets/img/baño-tacos.jpg
{{ blocks as="sets" }}
{{ sets }}
{{ partial:type }}
{{ /sets }}
{{ /blocks }}
<!-- Each block would be rendered with its own partial matching the {{ type }} var -->
<div class="text">
<p>I like to eat tacos in the bathroom.</p>
<div class="photo">
<img src="/assets/img/baño-tacos.jpg">
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