User:In Tag

Anything inside the user:in tag will only be rendered if the user is in the specified group.


User tags are designed for sites that have areas or features behind a login. The {{ user:in }} tag is used to check if the currently logged in user is in a specific user group.


Let’s say we want show a list of downloadable PDFs if the user is in a coaches group.

{{ user:in group="coaches" }}
  {{ assets in="pdf" }}
    <li><a href="{{ url }}">{{ title }}</a></li>
  {{ /assets }}
{{ /user:in }}

Not In

We also support the negative use case using the {{ user:not_in }} tag.

{{ user:not_in group="coaches" }}
  <p>Hello, sportsball players!</p>
{{ /user:not_in }}

Super Users

While super users have permission to do everything, they are not automatically in all groups. Keep this in mind when testing your template logic.


group|groups string

The groups or groups to check against. You may specify multiple groups by pipe separating them: {{ user:in groups="jocks|geeks" }}.

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