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Bought Jack McDade's course on design. Going through it now...and it is SO well done!

— Justin Jackson, Transistor.fm

Installed Tag

Determine whether or not a Composer package is installed.

A common use case for this tag is if you are building a reusable site (like a Starter Kit) and you'd like
to do something differently depending on whether a package is installed.

Use this as a single tag within an if statement:

{{ if {installed:statamic/seo-pro} }}
{{ seo_pro:meta }}
{{ else }}
{{ partial:seo }}
{{ /if }}

Or as a tag pair. If the package doesn't exist, then nothing between the tag will be output:

{{ installed:statamic/seo-pro }}
{{ seo_pro:meta }}
{{ /installed:statamic/seo-pro }}
Hot Tip!

You can pass any Composer package name into this tag. It's not limited to Statamic addons.

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