Form:Submission Tag

If you want to show the user the data they submitted — whether as a confirmation or to pre-populate or personalize some content — this is the easiest way to do it.


Here we'll output a small thank-you note once there's a successful submission, otherwise show the form itself.

The {{ name }} and {{ rating }} variables correspond to input fields of the same name.

{{ form:set is="feedback" }}
{{ if {form:success} }}
{{ form:submission }}
Thanks for your feedback, {{ name }}.
We appreciate the {{ rating }} star rating you gave us.
{{ /form:submission }}
{{ else }}
{{ form:create }} ... {{ /form:create }}
{{ /if }}
{{ /form:set }}




Specify the name of the form. Only required if you do not use the form:set tag, or don't have a form defined in the current context.


Variable Type Description

submission data


All the fields that were entered in the submission are available.

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