Get_Content Tag

It gets content from other entries! Specify a URI or ID and fetch all the data attached to it.


This tag lets you fetch data from other entries. It’s useful if you need to hard-code some dynamic content in your template.

If you’re using a fieldtype like entries to select which entries you’d like to render, then you don’t even need this tag! You can simply loop over the selections like this: {{ your_entries_field }} {{ title }} {{ /your_entries_field }}

For example, you might want to output some company information from your home page:

{{ get_content from="/about/company" }}
  {{ staff }}
    <div class="w-1/3">
      <img src="{{ headshot }}" alt="{{ name }}">
      <p>{{ name }}, {{ job_title }}</p>
  {{ /staff }}
{{ /get_content }}


You may also use a shorthand syntax, where the second tag argument refers to a variable that contains a URI or ID.

related_by_uri: /about
related_by_id: 123-321-abc-defg123
{{ get_content:related_by_uri }}
  {{ title }}
{{ /get_content:related_by_uri }}

{{ get_content:related_by_id }}
  {{ title }}
{{ /get_content:related_by_id }}


from string

Pass a URI (e.g. /about), an ID (e.g. 123), a pipe delimited list of them (e.g. 123|456), or a reference to a variable containing them (e.g. :from="ids"), and all retrieved data will be available inside the tag pair.

site|locale string

Show the retrieved content in the selected site.

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