Markdown Tag

Transform Markdown content written inline in your template. For when you just can't be bothered to write HTML or make another variable.


<article class="mx-auto max-w-lg">
{{ markdown }}
# My Favorite Nickelodeon Shows

- Kenan & Kel
- All That
- Double Dare
- Wild & Crazy Kids
- Legends of the Hidden Temple
{{ /markdown }}
<article class="mx-auto max-w-lg">
<h1>My Favorite Nickelodeon Shows</h1>
  <li>Kenan & Kel</li>
  <li>All That</li>
  <li>Double Dare</li>
  <li>Wild & Crazy Kids</li>
  <li>Legends of the Hidden Temple</li>

Markdown considers indentation to be a code block. You’ll need to keep your content flush left or use the markdown:indentation tag.

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