Select Fieldtype

Give your users a list of options to choose from. This select field is highly configurable with support for search, multiple choice, and creating new options on the fly.

select.png Fieldtype UI
Behold! The Select Fieldtype!


This field is highly configurable, thanks to the fantastic Vue Select component. Be sure to explore all the config options!

Data Storage

Select fields will store the value of the chosen option or options. Given this configuration…

handle: select
    display: Select
      face: "So's your face."
      know: "I know you are, but what am I?"
      hand: "Talk to the hand."
      beeswax: "Mind your own beeswax."
    placeholder: 'Choose your snappy comeback'
    type: select

Your saved data will be:

select: face


Select fields return the value from your selected option. You can access the label with select_var:label.

<p id="{{ select }}"> Oh yeah? {{ select:value }}</p>
<p id="face">Oh yeah? So's your face.</p>

Config Options

clearable boolean

Allow deselecting any chosen option and making null a possible value. Default: false.

options array


A set of key/value pairs that define the values and labels. If you don't define the keys, the value and label will be the same.

placeholder string

Set the non-selectable placeholder text. Default: none.

default string

Set the default option key. Default: none.

multiple boolean

Allow multiple selections. Default: false.

searchable boolean

Enable search with suggestions by typing in the select box. Default: true.

taggable boolean

Use a "tag" style UI when selecting multiples. Default: false.

push_tags boolean

Add newly created options to the list. Default: false.

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