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Video Fieldtype

Extract embed URLs from Youtube, Vimeo, and HTML5 compatible video links and preview them right inline. Feel free watch the whole thing instead of working – we won't tell.

video.jpg Fieldtype UI
Behold! The Video Fieldtype!


Enter a video URL and it will be loaded in an embedded player directly beneath the field so you can preview it.

You may enter:

  • YouTube URLs:
  • Vimeo URLs:
  • mp4, ogv, mov, or webm URLs:

Data Structure

The Video field will save the URL of the video you've entered. If you paste embed code into the field, it will extract the proper URL for you.



You can use the is_embeddable and
embed_url modifiers to display your video player.

{{ if video | is_embeddable }}
<!-- Youtube and Vimeo -->
<iframe src="{{ video | embed_url }}" ...></iframe>
{{ else }}
<!-- Other HTML5 video types -->
<video src="{{ video | embed_url }}" ...></video>
{{ /if }}
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